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Sensei Ken Harte with Bas Rutten


     Sensei Ken Harte began his training in the martial arts over 30 years ago with Professor George Kirby, Kudan in Ju-Jitsu.  Sensei Harte currently holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree) in Ju-Jitsu and is Head Judo / Ju-Jitsu instructor at Santa Clarita Ju-Jitsu in Santa Clarita, California. Ken Harte currently trains and travels teaching seminars to other law enforcement agencies, Probation Departments and schools all around the world with well-respected martial artists such as Professor Gene LeBell, 10th dan and Sensei Gokor Chivichyan, Hachidan (8th degree).  Sensei Harte is one of the few level 10 Black Belts under Gokor Chivichyan & Gene LeBell's Hayanstan Grappling System. In addition to his rank in Ju-Jitsu, Sensei Harte is a Certified Instructor under the Gene LeBell Grappling World, USMA, USJA, AJA and also holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree) in Judo as well as in Shotokan Karate. These combined philosophies help him create a very unique style. In 1993, Sensei Harte was appointed “Advisor” to the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Civilian Martial Art Advisory Panel (CMAAP), where he is responsible for providing critique, demonstration, and instruction to insure the safety and skill of LAPD utilized martial art techniques.  He is also a member of the CMAAP membership subcommittee, where he plays an integral role in the decision-making of the police department.
     Sensei Harte appears in numerous magazine publications, training videos, and motion pictures.  His dedication to his students and the greater martial arts community as a whole is evident from his countless hours of training and instruction. Through Sensei Ken Harte’s leadership and creativity the production of Camp Budo was formed. Camp Budo offers an opportunity for students to learn under one roof from some of the finest instructors in a wide variety of martial arts. The implementation of Camp Budo, along with his open and friendly teaching style has taken Sensei Harte toward his goal of creating the belief that all the martial ways can benefit not only each other within the martial arts community but all mankind.